Thursday, October 19, 2017

Haven't done a page of Ghiroy in far too long. I've been focusing more on City Silent, which has a slightly better chance at an audience than this does. Also was struggling a lot with the Lich character. Seems easy enough; a skull in a robe. But I just couldn't get something that seemed to fit with the rest of the comic. So there are a lot of pages of design work as I poke and press, trying to get something that worked. In the end, I drew a head similar to Crow's and just put in skull features instead and that seemed to work. Seems obvious NOW.
This is a rare page that had most of the composition worked out ahead of time. I did the Lich on another page as I didn't want to muddy up the rest. As it turns out, I completely redrew it anyway at the end because it just wasn't working. This is one of my favorite pages, partially because of how things pop but also because of certain elements that just happened to work out by chance. For example, the Lich's head in the lower corner shares the robe from the figure above, making it look like it pertains to both. Happy accident. Also, the way the characters seem to be cut off by folds of the cloth. That, too was something that happened while I was making the page. Sometimes, stuff just works.

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