Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sneaking in some last posts before the end of the year. Art forgery is one of my favorite subjects. I've read quite a few books on it and have watched a lot of documentaries. Makes me giggle. Almost stopped this at my usual one page but decided to finally branch out and be a bit more inclusive. I think, in general, I've been lazy, trying to fit every thought into one page. Something I should think about when doing future entries.


Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

Ahh! No pupils! :)
I think I feel the same way about all sorts of art, after the maker is gone it's seems a little much that his or her distant ancestors live off the work unless they are keeping a museum or something of it somewhere. Even films, photos etc should enter public domain after a reasonable time and then copying them isn't such an issue. Copying a masterwork is sort of a right of passage for many artists, tough they don't sell that work as the original... as a rule. When talking forgeries, it does seem monetary value is far and away the main concern over artistic value or giving credit where it's due.

T' said...

Yah, when I see descendants of artists 'fighting' for the 'integrity of the artist's work,' the cynical part of me can't help but think, "They're worried about their meal ticket." When forgers make up new work based on the lifetime's endeavor of another artist, at least they're taking what that artist learned and worked for and doing something with it. I can't quiet condone forgery, not quiet, but more often than not, it makes me smile.

Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

You are just a criminal at heart! :)